Portable Toilet Rental FAQ

How many toilets will I need for my event/job?

We have a handy Restroom Requirement Chart to gauge how many you should need, but you can Contact Us with all your details for a full quote.

How far ahead to I need to book a portable toilet rental?

In most cases, we can accommodate smaller events with just a few days notice. If you’re renting for a larger event or want to ensure we have the right style/number of toilets for you, we suggest booking ahead of time.

What is included in my rental cost?

In most cases, the rental cost includes delivery and pick up in our service area, and disposal of waste. If units are rented for longer than 1 week, cleaning and restocking is included for each week of the rental.

Will the portable toilets smell?

Though we cannot guarantee how the units will fair by the end of your event, our toilets all come fully cleaned and deodorized to begin with and all units are fitted with vent stacks that reduce the smells. Flushing units do significantly reduce the odors inside the toilet as well. We also include a scent disk in each of the units in order to keep the toilet smelling fresh.

How do you dispose of the waste?

We are an environmentally conscious, fully licensed and insured waste company. Our team removes the waste out the portable toilet units and then disposes of it at a local licensed waste treatment facility.

Will my lawn get damaged during pickup or dropoff?

We try to stay off the lawn during wet times. The location of the drop off should be accessible (within 20ft) of the service truck.

What if I am not there during the time of drop off?

Leave a detailed description of where you want it, including direction of the door and mark the location with a stake or a visual cue.